Desert Inferno Mega Battle

Team Yankee Mega Battle Desert Inferno

On Sunday, July 28th there will be a Team Yankee Mega Battle at Inferno Con at 2525 W 38th St. Erie PA 16506 (the Zem Zem Shrine)
The weekend pass is 20$ and the day pass is 15$.

This will be a red vs blue event. Players will bring an army of 120pts each with the following restrictins: no more than one infantry unit may be included in one’s force, and 90 pts must be spent on tank teams with a front armor of 17 or higher (if a player is using Iraq or Syria, then 90+ points of T-72Ms must be brought ) .

The terrain setup will be desrt with middle eastern buildings. The doors open at 10AM; the battle starts at 11am.

Contact Chris Eimers (token with questions at [email protected]

Army list submission is not required; but please let TO know which side you play on playing (NATO or WP)

Historicon 2024 World War III: Team Yankee Tournament

Dates: Thursday, July 18th Lancaster PA.

Tournament Format: V2 Team Yankee, 95 points. Straight Swiss format using best coast pairings, 3 rounds over 1 day 2.5 hours per round. No stance requirement.  2 Formation limit per player.

Players will use the extended Battleplans packet. Players will select the mission using the instructions from the mission packet. If either player had played the selected mission in the previous round, then the result must be re-rolled until a different mission is chosen.

Player Limit: 48

Players should register on the Historicon website

Click here for the full information pack…

WW3 Team Yankee Tournament

Dates: June, 1st. San Antonio, TX.

Tournament Format: V2 Team Yankee, 95 points. Random pairings, 3 rounds over 1 day 2.5 hours per round. Players must use two stances. 2 Formation limit per player.

Cost: $20

Players will use the extended Battleplans packet. Players will select the mission using the instructions from the mission packet. If either player had played the selected mission in the previous round, then the result must be re-rolled until a different mission is chosen. A player must select two different stances at least once during the tournament. Once a player has played using two different stances they can select any stance.

Player Limit: 16

Players should register by phone call 210-647-6119 or email [email protected].


List submission: [email protected]


All lists must include the following information sent to the email address above, players that don’t provide this information won’t be allowed to play:


Player’s full name

Player’s email address

Player’s cell phone number- used for emergency contact

Army list being used (For example: M1 Abrams Armored Combat Team).

Book(s) (For example: Team Yankee American), if players are using multiple books all books must be brought.

Players can use the following books: TY British, TY American, TY Soviet, TY West German, TY Warsaw

Pact, Red Dawn, TY Nordic Forces, TY NATO Forces, Oil Wars. Players must bring the books containing

the forces they are using.


List Submission Deadline: May 5th. Players are encouraged to turn their lists in early. Players should receive an email that their list is received and legal, if this is not received within a week from submission, players should resend their list.







If there is an odd number of players, that player can choose to take a bye, if so that player gets an 8-1. A ringer is a player who participates to fill in for an odd number of participants but is not eligible to win any category in the event.


Players must bring 3 physical copies of their list.


Players should record on the left side of their score sheet the table they play on.


Players are responsible for monitoring the time and the judges will announce time intervals throughout the tournament.

Slow play is to be actively discouraged, repeated offences may result in loss of points or forfeited matches. If you cannot play a game to completion due to size/compliment or familiarity with your army, you might want to revisit your choice. Most players should be able to complete their turns within 10-15 minutes.

When time is called the game must immediately finish the action with the platoon they are on. New turns cannot be started even if starting a new turn would award an immediate victory or cause a player to make a company morale check. If players do not comply, the game will be scored 1-1 regardless of the actual game score.

Painting Competition: Any players in the tournament who wish their armies to be considered for the best-painted award will stage them at the lunch breaks in the designated area with a nameplate on the display. All models in the army must be from Battlefront Miniatures, armies with proxy or 3D-printed models are disqualified. A display board is not judged but is useful for moving your army. Paint judging will be done by peers.

Team Yankee Medic Tournament

May 8th is the birthday of Jean Henri Dunant, founder of the Red Cross and Griffons Lair will be holding a Medic Event in honor of World Red Cross Day Saturday, May 11th.
The cost is $10 per player with all money being donated to the Red Cross on behalf of Fallout Gaming and Griffon’s Lair.

Doors Open: 10:00 AM
Tournament Begins: 11:00 AM
Email questions to Chris Eimers (Token) at [email protected]
The Tournament will be 35 points and all Team Yankee V2 Books and Oil Wars are allowed.
This will be a red vs blue event. Both sides will face off on one large table. Each player will have a 35pt list made from a single infantry formation. Players must bring one (and only one) tank unit with a front armor of 9+ (before special rules). There are no other restrictions on tank units.
The Triage & Medevac rules from Nam will be available to both sides with the following change: after an infantry team fails its save, the attacking player rolls a firepower check to confirm the kill, otherwise the team receives a wound marker.
Furthermore, players on both sides will have access to medic infantry teams, medevac helicopters, and medevac APCs.
Medevac Teams:
Each formation may include a medic team for 1pt. This team will be rated as Fearless Veteran Hit on 4+. The medevac vehicles will have the same ratings.
Band-aid track: As a support option, players may take a single unarmed APC for 1pt. It may hold up to 4 wound markers. It may discard its wound markers at the end of any turn in which it is in contact with a table edge. NATO aligned player may use an M113 while Warsaw Pact players may use an MTLB (storm) or BMP. Iraq may use the MTLB/BMP, and Iran may use the M113.
Dust-off: players may include medevac helicopter as a support unit for 1pt. Use the stats from the US portion of the Nam book. NATO players may use UH-1s, Chinooks, or Sea Stallions and Warsaw Pact may use Hinds or Hips.
Protective Use: any medical vehicle may be marked with a Red Cross (or Red Crescent or red crystal) for free and receive protection from enemy fire. Infantry medic teams are too small to benefit from this rule. Units may not target red cross marked vehicle team with direct LoS weapons (including the Pereh) or place a ranged in marker touching one. Repeat bombardments are acceptable. No medevac team may fire any weapons or spot for artillery.
Objectives: there will be several dynamic objectives scattered around the battlefield with progressive scoring.

Current TY FAQ.…/TeamYankee/FM101-FAQ.pdf (…/TeamYankee/FM101-FAQ.pdf)

WARDOME Team Yankee – Houston, TX USA

APRIL 21 @ The Atrium Center
21575 US Hwy 59, Suite 205,
New Caney, TX 77357

Team Yankee

95 point Flames of War version 4 LATE WAR tournament. 3 rounds. Swiss pairings. 3 unique formations maximum. Player packet download on site

​Tournament Format: V2 Team Yankee, 95 points per player. Straight Swiss format 3 rounds, 2 hours & 45 minutes per round, Extended Battle Plans. No stance restrictions (you can use the same stance all 3 rounds). There will be a 3 Unique Formation limit per player. Unique means cannot take another formation with the same name.

Player Cap: 30

Players can use the any Late War Flames of War Book. If a newer book releases after
this event is posted it will be legal if it has a release date of no later than February 15th.
Players must bring the books containing the forces they are using.

Sunday April 20th:
8:00-9:00 Registration
9:00 – 9:30 Check-in Briefing*Players should arrive by 9:00am. Players should make
sure they get a prompt packet and score sheet from their T.O. as well as have their army
looked over.
9:30– 12:15 Round 1, leave your armies out after round 1 for paint judging.
12:15 – 1:15 Lunch. Players should return by 2:15 to start deployment
1:15 – 4:00 Round 2
4:15 – 7:00 Round 3*After players are done with round 3 they can turn in their score
sheets and retire.
7:00 – 7:30 Award Presentations.

All armies must be fully painted. By fully painted, each model needs to have color
applied and not just look like a newly assembled model and primed. If you have any
questions on if your paint job qualifies please email us and a TO can give you a ruling.
Any miniatures not fully painted will be pulled from the table prior to starting the
tournament. No proxy models are allowed. Any proxy models will be removed.
Rounds will be determined by Swiss system, come ready to play all armies. Best Coast
Pairings will be used for the event. Players should download this app and have it ready
to use. Initial pairings will use player origin and store (state, city, store/club) and alliance
(Axis/Allies). Subsequent rounds will use wins, victory points, strength of schedule. All
efforts will be made to keep player origin in mind during pairing.
We will use the Team Yankee Mission packet where the players and their opponent will
choose their stances, find that selection in the matrix and roll a die. The players will then
play the mission chosen. Players should download or print the most recent packet.
If there is an odd number of players, that player can choose to take a bye, if so that
player gets an 7-2. Experimental missions, with the exception of “It’s A Trap” will be
Players should bring 4 physical copies of their list, one for their reference and one for
each opponent.

Battlefront Asia Pacific Grand Championship

This is a friendly event with emphasis on fun. We welcome and help newer and more casual players.

Event rules: This is a 2-day event with two 3hr games on Saturday and two 3hr games on Sunday.

Entry: $50 for both days of play. Includes general entry to the museum from 24th July – 30th July.

Flames Of War
Period: Flames Of War Late War lists, 100 pts, Version 4 rules.

WWIII: Team Yankee
All forces must be taken from World War III: Team Yankee official lists (WWIII: Nation Name books and Oil War): — 100 points is your limit for lists. List issues will get a request to adjust at the TO’s discretion.

Download the Players Pack for more info…

Event Hosted at The Australian Armour & Artillery Museum

Cincycon 2024 – Team Yankee Tournament

Three 2.5 hour rounds. First round 70 points. Second round 95 points. Third round 115 points. Same core Formation through all three rounds, but non-Black Box and support choices can change. In round 3 you must take a Tank Unit with FA of 18+ and a Helicopter unit armed with something more than Door MG’s or a Strike Aircraft Flight. No Formation limit, all books released on or before Feb 28 are valid. Volunteers to bring terrain appreciated.