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WW3 Team Yankee Tournament

June 1 @ 11:00 am - 8:00 pm CDT


Dates: June, 1st. San Antonio, TX.

Tournament Format: V2 Team Yankee, 95 points. Random pairings, 3 rounds over 1 day 2.5 hours per round. Players must use two stances. 2 Formation limit per player.

Cost: $20

Players will use the extended Battleplans packet. Players will select the mission using the instructions from the mission packet. If either player had played the selected mission in the previous round, then the result must be re-rolled until a different mission is chosen. A player must select two different stances at least once during the tournament. Once a player has played using two different stances they can select any stance.

Player Limit: 16

Players should register by phone call 210-647-6119 or email [email protected].


List submission: [email protected]


All lists must include the following information sent to the email address above, players that don’t provide this information won’t be allowed to play:


Player’s full name

Player’s email address

Player’s cell phone number- used for emergency contact

Army list being used (For example: M1 Abrams Armored Combat Team).

Book(s) (For example: Team Yankee American), if players are using multiple books all books must be brought.

Players can use the following books: TY British, TY American, TY Soviet, TY West German, TY Warsaw

Pact, Red Dawn, TY Nordic Forces, TY NATO Forces, Oil Wars. Players must bring the books containing

the forces they are using.


List Submission Deadline: May 5th. Players are encouraged to turn their lists in early. Players should receive an email that their list is received and legal, if this is not received within a week from submission, players should resend their list.







If there is an odd number of players, that player can choose to take a bye, if so that player gets an 8-1. A ringer is a player who participates to fill in for an odd number of participants but is not eligible to win any category in the event.


Players must bring 3 physical copies of their list.


Players should record on the left side of their score sheet the table they play on.


Players are responsible for monitoring the time and the judges will announce time intervals throughout the tournament.

Slow play is to be actively discouraged, repeated offences may result in loss of points or forfeited matches. If you cannot play a game to completion due to size/compliment or familiarity with your army, you might want to revisit your choice. Most players should be able to complete their turns within 10-15 minutes.

When time is called the game must immediately finish the action with the platoon they are on. New turns cannot be started even if starting a new turn would award an immediate victory or cause a player to make a company morale check. If players do not comply, the game will be scored 1-1 regardless of the actual game score.

Painting Competition: Any players in the tournament who wish their armies to be considered for the best-painted award will stage them at the lunch breaks in the designated area with a nameplate on the display. All models in the army must be from Battlefront Miniatures, armies with proxy or 3D-printed models are disqualified. A display board is not judged but is useful for moving your army. Paint judging will be done by peers.


June 1
11:00 am - 8:00 pm CDT
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Edgar Mundy
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Dragons Lair Alamo Ranch
5511 W Loop 1604 N Ste 111
San Antonio, TX 78253 United States
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