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Team Yankee Medic Tournament

May 11 @ 10:00 am - 7:00 pm GMT


May 8th is the birthday of Jean Henri Dunant, founder of the Red Cross and Griffons Lair will be holding a Medic Event in honor of World Red Cross Day Saturday, May 11th.
The cost is $10 per player with all money being donated to the Red Cross on behalf of Fallout Gaming and Griffon’s Lair.

Doors Open: 10:00 AM
Tournament Begins: 11:00 AM
Email questions to Chris Eimers (Token) at [email protected]
The Tournament will be 35 points and all Team Yankee V2 Books and Oil Wars are allowed.
This will be a red vs blue event. Both sides will face off on one large table. Each player will have a 35pt list made from a single infantry formation. Players must bring one (and only one) tank unit with a front armor of 9+ (before special rules). There are no other restrictions on tank units.
The Triage & Medevac rules from Nam will be available to both sides with the following change: after an infantry team fails its save, the attacking player rolls a firepower check to confirm the kill, otherwise the team receives a wound marker.
Furthermore, players on both sides will have access to medic infantry teams, medevac helicopters, and medevac APCs.
Medevac Teams:
Each formation may include a medic team for 1pt. This team will be rated as Fearless Veteran Hit on 4+. The medevac vehicles will have the same ratings.
Band-aid track: As a support option, players may take a single unarmed APC for 1pt. It may hold up to 4 wound markers. It may discard its wound markers at the end of any turn in which it is in contact with a table edge. NATO aligned player may use an M113 while Warsaw Pact players may use an MTLB (storm) or BMP. Iraq may use the MTLB/BMP, and Iran may use the M113.
Dust-off: players may include medevac helicopter as a support unit for 1pt. Use the stats from the US portion of the Nam book. NATO players may use UH-1s, Chinooks, or Sea Stallions and Warsaw Pact may use Hinds or Hips.
Protective Use: any medical vehicle may be marked with a Red Cross (or Red Crescent or red crystal) for free and receive protection from enemy fire. Infantry medic teams are too small to benefit from this rule. Units may not target red cross marked vehicle team with direct LoS weapons (including the Pereh) or place a ranged in marker touching one. Repeat bombardments are acceptable. No medevac team may fire any weapons or spot for artillery.
Objectives: there will be several dynamic objectives scattered around the battlefield with progressive scoring.

Current TY FAQ.
https://www.team-yankee.com/…/TeamYankee/FM101-FAQ.pdf (https://www.team-yankee.com/…/TeamYankee/FM101-FAQ.pdf)


May 11
10:00 am - 7:00 pm GMT
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Chris Eimers


Griffons Lair
1645 West 26th Street
Erie, PA 16508 United States
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