LVO Flames of War 2023

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GenCon 108pt. LW Tournament-Indianapolis, IN

Able Kompanie is pleased to announce our 12th year of hosting Tournaments and Events at GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana. Here is the list of Events:
Thursday August 4th
70pt. Flames of War MW Tournament
2 Sessions of our MW Stalingrad Intro Game
Friday August 5th
80pt. Team Yankee Tournament
2 Sessions of our MW Stalingrad Intro Game
Saturday August 6th
108pt. Flames of War LW Tournament
5 Sessions of our new Learn to Play WW2 Intro using the Tobruk and Kasserine Starter Boxes
It look like our gaming area will again be on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium!
Here are the Tournament Details:
All Tournaments will be three 2 1/2hr Rounds with an hour and a half break for lunch each day. There will be 26 player slots for each Tournament.
We will use the extended Mission Matrix and Battle Plans for Mission Selection. Players will be limited to using a stance twice during the day.
Red vs. Blue matchups will be attempted, when possible, depending on points.
Lists from any book released for each era by July 1 will be permitted.
Players will be limited to no more than 2 Nationalities in their lists.
Mid War Monsters will be allowed for the MW Tournament
Lists will be due on Sunday July 24th to allow for time for lists to be checked. Getting your list in on time will be the 1st tiebreaker. Send your lists to [email protected]
Trophies and Prize Support will be provided for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Sport and Army each day. In Addition there will be a special trophy and prize for the Iron Man winner – whoever scores the most VPs over the entire weekend. Prize support has been generously provided by Battlefront.
All our terrain is provided by our FLGS – Family Time Games here in Indianapolis
Event Games
Both our Stalingrad and Learn to Play WW2 games are designed to be introductions to Flames of War. We provide everything needed to play as well as two GMs to teach the game. Stalingrad is a full scenario on our beautiful terrain board and each session is 3.5 hours. It is designed for 2 on 2. Our new Learn to Play WW2 is a smaller, shorter time event using the MW Starter Sets. These will be two 1.5hr. 1 on 1 games, each with a GM to teach. There will be some randomly awarded prize support for these events as well.
MOST IMPORTANT – you must buy a Badge and Event Tickets through GenCon –
Badges are available now and event tickets go on sale on May 15. I cannot reserve or hold spots. I will start a waiting list for all events on the day of each event and unclaimed or open spots can be taken with generics at that time.

FOW ETC 2022

Team Belgium is proud to host the European Team Championship 2022 edition.

A 3 day event where national teams each consisting of 6 players are pitched against eachother to take home the title.

“Monday, June 26, 1944” – Late War D-Day themed Tournament

Its time again for our annual D-Day themed tournament!

on the 26th of June we will once again put the fate of Europe in the balance when we field Axis forces to defend the French coasts against the Allied invasion!

3 battles during the day. 100 points only using the D-Day Books and lists (see the external link for details or mail us on [email protected] for more info).

Admittance will be €12,50. times and location are available on

there are still a few spots open on both sides. Let us know on [email protected] if you are interested in coming to fight the good fight!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Gerben & Wouter – FoW.Utrecht

Valleycon 2022

2 day event, 5 rounds of Late War V4.

100 points, swiss chess style format.

All published lists and Command Cards permitted.

Players Pack on the event website:

ValleyCON 2022


2022 Canadian Flames of War Nationals

Tournament Format: Flames of War Late War, 100 Points, Swiss Format, 5 Rounds, 2 Days (3 rounds Saturday, 2 rounds Sunday)

Location: Southland Mall, 2965 Gordon Road, S4S 6H7, Regina, SK

Dates: May 28nd  & 29rd, 2022

 Entry Fee: $50.00 ($5 off for CFTA members)

 Tournament Registration: [email protected]

 Submission Deadline: Lists, fees, and T-shirt size due by April 30th, 2022 (This is for lead times for T-shirts, so registration needs to be received!)

C19 Awareness Guidelines: Event will follow the guidelines and regulations laid out by the Saskatchewan Government. Hand sanitizer and masks will be provided as needed.

Operation “Mayfly”

Welcome to the friendly LW Flames of War bash in beautiful Wicklow, Ireland.

Here’s the event registration form.

  • The tournament is capped to 16 players – first-come, first-served.
  • The tournament will take place at the De La Salle Pastoral Center in Wicklow town on the 21st and 22nd of May.
  • The registration closes on Sunday, April 24th.
  • The entry fee is EUR15 and the monies will be put directly towards the venue rental and prizes.
  • The payment will collected via PayPal.
  • The payment details will be sent to the e-mail address provided in this registration form on or before April 24th.
  • The payment will be due by May 1st.
  • The detailed rules pack will be distributed by May 1st.
  • We’ll be playing 105pts, Late War
Please use this invite link if you’d like to join “The Last Chancers” discord server.

NZ NatCon #48

National Championships
Late War restricted to Bagration, D-Day and Fortress Europe (ex HS 129 Flight) Each day is 3 rounds

Held at Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club
150 Points on 8x4 tables Armoured Forces Only. Sunday 60 Points on 4x4 tables Infantry Forces Only.

cost is $10 per round
$60/2 days entry
$30 1 day entry

Email Rob and he will send you a players pack

Flames of War Firefight 2022

This is a single day event where players will compete in 3 games against different opponents using Flames of War V4 Late War armies of up to a maximum of 100pts.