Flamescon 2020

T.C.O.W., in association with our awesome sponsors, once again present FlamesCon, New Zealand’s Premiere Flames of War tournament! Visit TCOW here. This year, we’re running World War Two focused games in Flames of War Version 4, with battles set in the Late War 1944 – 1945 period.

Flames of War event rules:
This is a 2 day event with 4 (Four!) 2.5hr games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday. All forces must be taken from Battlefront’s Fortress Europe, DDay German or DDay American books, or V4 LW lists from the FoW Forces website if your list is updated. 80 points is your limit for lists. We will be using V4 rules for this event as appropriate. Major list issues will get a request to adjust at the TO’s discretion.


Lists for all events are due via email to [email protected] by end of day 25th September 2020.
Best format is Forces, fowlist or other comprehendible structure please make sure they are legible and clear for your friendly TO’s to peruse. Make sure your name, day/s of play and other relevant details are all included.

D6 Roch Mn LW Tournament

Join the Screaming Eagles at D6 Games in Rochester Mn for a 3 round, 100 pt LW Flames of War Tournament. Entry fee is $10 per person. The store opens at 9am, and registration starts at that time. Round 1 will start 10:30am.   If you plan to attend be sure to email [email protected] indicating you plan to attend. We need to make sure we have enough tables.  Event size is capped at 18.

Rally Point 2020 – Hamilton New Zealand

⦁ One day light-hearted, fun packed event
⦁ Tailored for enjoyment and encouragement of new players to the tournament circuit.
⦁ 4 x 90-minute rounds of LATEWAR 50 points, escalating to 60 points and played on 4×4 tables.
⦁ Free accommodation for travellers (first in first served, limited availability)
⦁ Players Packs will be on our Website soon or contact [email protected]
⦁ Sport Prize for Newcomers
⦁ Players Pack will be on our website shortly, otherwise just contact [email protected] and he will send directly to you.

Flames of War on the USS Hornet

Late War Tournament on the USS Hornet Museum.

90 points Late War.
All new format LW books available by August 1st.
No conversions from old LW books.
4 rounds over 2 days with time to explore the ship.
9 AM to 5 PM both days
Food will be available for purchase on the ship + vending machines.
Price: $25 per person for entire event
Prize Support: Battlefront & the USS Hornet will supply prizes
Send all questions and lists to whether you plan to attend or not to: [email protected]
36 spots available.

Nearby lodging:
Local Hotels offer discounts (mention the Hornet): Hawthorn Suites (www.oaklandhs.com) and Executive Inn and Suites (www.executiveinnoakland.com)

More details to follow.

Swiss GT 20

Tournoi late war
3 games
Victory points System

subscription on T3