Steel Tyrant, Red Flags

Saturday, 01/25/2020

“Steel Tyrant, Red Flags” (Team Yankee, 75 points, Big Game)

Creative Pursuit Games, Inc. – 29 Catoctin Circle NE – Leesburg, VA 20176

10:00am: Sign in
10:30am – 1:30pm: PART 1 – “Fire Wall”
1:30pm – 2:30pm: Lunch Break and Table Reorganization
2:30pm – 5:30pm: PART 2 – “Equalizer”

$5 Entry Fee –
WAIVED with the day-of purchase of x3 Vallejo or Citadel Paints, or
WAIVED for any player who brings a completely painted force

This will be a narrative big-game event, with themed briefings for both games by “High Command Officers” in costume, who will explain the significance of the mission, and set the mood of the event.

Fair play and good sportsmanship will be a key focus of this event, as there will potentially be several new players.

The current rulebook (Team Yankee Version 2) and most recent Lessons From the Front will be used. Any of the most current Team Yankee army books may be used for force construction.

There will be “Red” (Warsaw Pact) and “Blue” (NATO) teams for both games. Middle Eastern Factions will ally with Red or Blue depending on the split. If NATO STILL outnumbers Pact, France will defect (and, as an absolute LAST resort, Germany – to the horror of the free world – will reunite on Red team).

PART 1 – “Fire Wall”
“L” shaped table
10:30am – 1:30pm

Warsaw Pact forces have charged into Western Europe – WWIII has begun! The reds have carved a deep salient through West Germany on their drive to the vital port of Hamburg. On the city outskirts, scattered NATO forces make their stand against the Soviet Vanguard.

Pact forces must take and hold the entrance to Hamburg from the main road – Autobahn 24. They will have regenerating reserves. NATO must seize objectives on both flanks of the salient to end the game, or hold Autobahn 24 until time is called.

PART 2 – “Equalizer”
“+” shaped table
2:30pm – 5:30pm

A glimmer of hope appears for NATO forces; new F-117 “Nighthawk” stealth strike fighters have begun operating against Warsaw Pact ground-based air defense forces at night, slowly tipping the balance of air power in favor of NATO. Unfortunately, one of the forward bases hosting these new fighters – thought safe in the Bavarian Alps – has been threatened by the swift advance of Soviet ground troops.

Pact forces must seize the secret Bavarian Airbase and capture as much information as possible related to the new fighters. NATO forces must defend / relieve the besieged base and protect – or destroy – the secrets of their new weapon. By nightfall, if at least one base runway is clear, and at least one hanger entrance is unobstructed, the F-117s will take flight and drive off any Warsaw Pact forces in the area. Otherwise, the Soviets may escape with any captured secrets of NATO’s equalizer…

To register, please email [email protected] with your name and chosen nationality. Players able & willing to field either NATO or Pact forces are encouraged to announce this at registration and bring both to help ensure even red vs. blue matching.

All possible walk-ins will be accepted, but registration is strongly encouraged.

Team Yankee Showdown 2020

The Team Yankee Showdown for 2020 will again be held here in Las Vegas during the Las Vegas Open, January 24th and 26th at Bally’s Hotel and Casino.  This will be a World War 3: Team Yankee (version 2) tournament of three rounds at 85 points.  All armies MUST be fully painted. The tournament will be using the Battle Plans method of generating missions from the new Rule Book. All nations’ forces books that have been available to the public at the army list deadline are allowed.

Matchups will be random the first round and Swiss thereafter, with repeat matchups prohibited.

Army lists are due not later than January 1st, 2020.

LVO is a huge event and growing.  WCN is capped at 48 players, first come, first serve. Do not wait to register!

Eric Camba will coordinate WCN in Las Vegas and the day-of TO will be Igor Torgeson.

Imperial Outpost Toys for Tots Event

The culmination of the Imperial Outpost Hobby League. 100 pt  mono list (no modifications) tournament, any late war lists can be used for the tournament. 3 round tournament, each round will use battle plan cards, and there will be 2 hours for each round allowed. Best Coast Pairings will be used for ranking using victory points as the ranking and strength of schedule will be used to break ties.

Showcase Comics Toys for Tots!

Team Yankee MEGA game! Fulda Gap!

Bring any 100 point force of Team Yankee that you wish! 2pm-9pm !

Entry fee- please bring at least on toy worth $15 or more, Extra toys donated may yield extra bonuses in game!

Flamescon 2019, Auckland NZ


The When: Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November 2019, registration from 8am, first round 9am, 3 rounds per day.

The Where: Onehunga RSA Club. 57 Princes St, Onehunga.

The Cost: $45.00 per person (see below for single day duo option)

The Games: Flames of War Late War V4, 100 pts + Team Yankee, 100 pts.

Lists for all events are due via email to [email protected] by end of day 25th October 2019.

Best format is Forces, fowlist or other comprehendible structure please make sure they are legible and clear for your friendly TO’s to peruse. Make sure your name, day/s of play and other relevant details are all included.

Single Day Duo Option: If you and a mate can each only play Sat or Sun, you can be a duo with one person playing one day and another playing the second. This keeps players happy, event numbers thriving and each duo sorts out what happens to any prizes/awards. The duo needs to pay the $45 event fee to register. Event & Army need to be the same. 

Crisis Antwerp 2019

Located in the stunning city of Antwerp, this is one of continental Europe’s largest wargame shows.

Lots of traders from throughout Europe, stunning demo table and participation games.

Free Brabo figure for all visitors to the show.