Wintercon 2022: Flames of War and Team Yankee

Wintercon is back is baby! Come down to the Nations capital and enjoy some Mid War and Team Yankee action! It’s time rock out with that winter frock out, meets friends and whisper pew pew under you breath while you play with toy soldiers again.

Ignore what the Queenslanders say, it aint that cold down here!

Two day tournament, 5 games, 100pts and Swiss Chess style match-ups. What more could you ask for?

The Armageddon Club: Stand-To! 2022

Welcome to the Firestorm Games Armageddon Club ‘Stand-To!’ 2022 Tournament.  This is a single day event where players will compete in 3 games against different opponents using Battlefronts World War 3 (Team Yankee) rules and army books.

Beginner and novice players are very welcome

Team Yankee Bring and Battle Day

This is a single day event where players will be matched against one or more opponents on the day. Bring one or more Team Yankee army up to a maximum of 100pts to play with.

Team Yankee Mega Battle

WWIII: Team Yankee Mega Battle at Nopat ja Taktiikka, Helsinki

Operation Freedom Fries (name in reference to the 2022 Tournament objective)

Date saturday 26.3

Doors open 0900

Event starts 1000

Event ends 1800

Invitation event

Attendees 10-16  (depending on government issued COVID-19 restrictions at the time)

800 pts per side 100 pts per player 1600 pts event total

Event type: Megabattle NATO vs USSR. Multiplayer based one day gaming event.