4th Spartan Tournament

The “Flames of war in Greece” team is organizing the fourth official Flames of war tournament in Athens on Sunday, June 30, 2024.
– Date of event: Sunday, June 30, 2024.
– Opening hours:
— Arrival 12.00-12.30 pm
— First Round 12.45-3.15pm
— Break 15.15-16.15 pm
— Second Round 16.15-18.45pm
— Award 19.30 pm
– Venue: Gamer’s Castle (Leonidou 4 Agios Dimitrios, Athens)
– System: Flames of war FW009 version 2019 along with the FAQ you will find for free on their game website.
– Missions: each table will use the Battle Plans table to determine which mission they will play (Mission free pdf version March 2024).
– The definition of the winners will be done through the victory points given by the missions.
– The duration of each round will be 2.30 hours.
– Each player will play 2 games.
– Army Selection: From all his official Late war books (1944-45) Fortress Europe, D-Day German, D-Day British, D-Day Waffen SS, D-Day American, D-Day 21st Panzer, Bagration Soviet, Bagration German, Bagration Axis-Allies, Bulge American, Bulge British, Bulge German, Berlin Germany & Berlin Soviet.
– Points: 105 points including command cards.
– Participation fee: Free
– Time to submit entries until midnight on Saturday 22th June.

– 1st place (based on victory points)
– 2nd place (based on victory points)
– 3rd place (based on victory points)
– Best painted army (before the award players will be able to rate other players’ armies and rate the presentation of the models).

The Tournament is fully supported by Battlefront and is considered a National tournament.
We will be happy to see you in person and good luck to everyone.

Østerskov 2024 – Rolling for the Mediterranean and Caucausus

The biggest Danish FoW event of the year.
Rolling for the Mediterranean and Caucausus
A two day campaign event
This is a two day campaign event based on the time period in 1942 where the Germans have gained foothold in both North Africa and Russia.
Setting and Background
Players are fighting for their general’s plan to stop the German Juggernaut. Prestige and accomplishments will decide which way the onslaught will proceed The campaign includes all nations: UK, US, USSR, Germany, and minor nations.
This event is not as historically strict as the other historical events that we in Denmark have hosted.
Players must work together to secure victory for their nation’s field marshall.
US, UK and USSR teams compete against each other for resources to be allocated to their front.
After each game round there will be hosted an allied and axis conference to auction prestige points (Campaign victory points)
Do you dedicate you wins to your general or yourself?

Flames of War on the USS Hornet

Please join us for a 2 day, 4 round Flames of War event on one of the most famous ships in the US navy: The USS Hornet in Alameda, Ca.

We will play 2 rounds each day to give players time to explore the museum.

It will be Late War 95 points. We will use the latest missions pack and LFTF.

Please send your lists to [email protected] by July 20th.

There will also be an option to stay overnight! See the webpage for prices.

WARDOME Team Yankee – Houston, TX USA

APRIL 21 @ The Atrium Center

21575 US Hwy 59, Suite 205,
New Caney, TX 77357

Team Yankee

95 point Flames of War version 4 LATE WAR tournament. 3 rounds. Swiss pairings. 3 unique formations maximum. Player packet download on site

​Tournament Format: V2 Team Yankee, 95 points per player. Straight Swiss format 3 rounds, 2 hours & 45 minutes per round, Extended Battle Plans. No stance restrictions (you can use the same stance all 3 rounds). There will be a 3 Unique Formation limit per player. Unique means cannot take another formation with the same name.

Player Cap: 30

Players can use the any Late War Flames of War Book. If a newer book releases after
this event is posted it will be legal if it has a release date of no later than February 15th.
Players must bring the books containing the forces they are using.

Sunday April 20th:
8:00-9:00 Registration
9:00 – 9:30 Check-in Briefing*Players should arrive by 9:00am. Players should make
sure they get a prompt packet and score sheet from their T.O. as well as have their army
looked over.
9:30– 12:15 Round 1, leave your armies out after round 1 for paint judging.
12:15 – 1:15 Lunch. Players should return by 2:15 to start deployment
1:15 – 4:00 Round 2
4:15 – 7:00 Round 3*After players are done with round 3 they can turn in their score
sheets and retire.
7:00 – 7:30 Award Presentations.

All armies must be fully painted. By fully painted, each model needs to have color
applied and not just look like a newly assembled model and primed. If you have any
questions on if your paint job qualifies please email us and a TO can give you a ruling.
Any miniatures not fully painted will be pulled from the table prior to starting the
tournament. No proxy models are allowed. Any proxy models will be removed.
Rounds will be determined by Swiss system, come ready to play all armies. Best Coast
Pairings will be used for the event. Players should download this app and have it ready
to use. Initial pairings will use player origin and store (state, city, store/club) and alliance
(Axis/Allies). Subsequent rounds will use wins, victory points, strength of schedule. All
efforts will be made to keep player origin in mind during pairing.
We will use the Team Yankee Mission packet where the players and their opponent will
choose their stances, find that selection in the matrix and roll a die. The players will then
play the mission chosen. Players should download or print the most recent packet.
If there is an odd number of players, that player can choose to take a bye, if so that
player gets an 7-2. Experimental missions, with the exception of “It’s A Trap” will be
Players should bring 4 physical copies of their list, one for their reference and one for
each opponent.

Battlefront Asia Pacific Grand Championship

This is a friendly event with emphasis on fun. We welcome and help newer and more casual players.

Event rules: This is a 2-day event with two 3hr games on Saturday and two 3hr games on Sunday.

Entry: $50 for both days of play. Includes general entry to the museum from 24th July – 30th July.

Flames Of War
Period: Flames Of War Late War lists, 100 pts, Version 4 rules.

WWIII: Team Yankee
All forces must be taken from World War III: Team Yankee official lists (WWIII: Nation Name books and Oil War): — 100 points is your limit for lists. List issues will get a request to adjust at the TO’s discretion.

Download the Players Pack for more info…

Event Hosted at The Australian Armour & Artillery Museum

Armageddon 2024 – The WW3 (Team Yankee) UK National Tournament

The Armageddon Club is proud to present the return of  ‘Armageddon – The WW3 (Team Yankee) UK National Tournament.  This is a two-day event where players will compete in 4x rounds against different opponents using Battlefronts World War 3 (Team Yankee) rules and army books.

‘Armageddon 2024 – The WW3 (TY UK National Tournament’ is endorsed and supported by Battlefront Miniatures and all participants will reeive a 2024 Team Yankee Tournament Objective.

Your ticket includes lunch served at the Firestorm café on both days – please let us know as soon as possible after purchasing your ticket if you have any specific dietary requirements.

Army size will be 100pts and all rounds will be fought on 8ft x 4ft boards..

Please be aware that there is both a minimum painting standard of at least two colours (hull & Tracks, Fuselage & Rotors, uniform & skin, etc) and that armies containing non-Battlefront miniatures will not be eligible for the ‘Best Painted Army’ award.

Army lists must be submitted before Monday 12th July.

Further details are contained within the rules pack (available on the Booking Page) and results from this event are eligible for the Welsh and Irish WW3 (TY) rankings system.

If there’s anything you’re unsure of or wish to have further clarification on, please contact us The Armageddon Club and Team Yankee UK on Facebook or by email using the address contained in the rules pack.