Essen Spiel 2020

Battlefront Miniatures and Gale Force 9 will be attending Essen Spiel again for out 10th year.

Come along to the stand to play our latest release and to pick up all your gaming needs

Battlefront Europe Open Day 2020

Battlefront UK will be hosting the 3rd European Open day at Cleve Lodge in Long Eaton.

Come take part in the seminars to find out what is upcoming for both Flames of War and Gale Force Nine.

Take part in the European Painting Competition and our large participation game and other games.

We will also have the shop there so you can pick up all the latest releases and hobby needs.

Wargamer Take Over Bovington Tank Museum

A miniature wargames show featuring all scales. Full details coming soon. 

This is a must see event for anyone; especially those with an interest in war gaming and the associated hobbies of diorama building, modelling and play table making.

Flames of War Team Yankee open play, Guard Tower East. June 27.

Flames of War and Team Yankee open play.
June 27th 11am-6pm. Guard Tower East, Columbus Ohio.
Bring a list(s) to try (early/mid/Team Yankee/ anything. New and veteran players welcome.
As for a guideline try to bring a 100 point list, if not that is fine, you can also post what size game you want to play below.

Due to health guidelines there are going to be a few changes. I would recommend players post if they want to play around 11am or 3pm, and what system. Because guard tower is only allowing players in the store for 4 hours max I would like to stagger when folks will be there, that way we can be efficient with table space and limit how many people are in the store at any one time.

Asian Team Championships 2020

With the completion of our inaugural Asian Team Championships (ATC) in 2019, we have garnered a favourable response from participating teams from the United States, Australia and Malaysia. This year we have at least 3 teams from the US, 1 team from Australia and 1 team from China that have expressed interest in participating.

Last year’s event location was at the Metropolitan YMCA. The tournament was held in the ballroom but it meant that there were less walk-in viewers. While we achieved the goal of gaining exposure to the international scene, we were unable to reach out to our local populace to introduce tabletop wargaming.


Event : ATC World War III – Team Yankee 2020

Venue : Singapore

Missions: Battle Plans from ‘More Missions’ pack to be used (please see Page 4)

Period : World War III – TEAM YANKEE

Points : 100

Dates : June 6-7 , 2020, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm on both days

Players per team : 3 (players to assign a Captain)

Fee: SGD60 per player



Games Expo 2020

Gale Force 9 and Battlefront Miniatures will be at Games Expo again this year.

Come along and try out a latest games and pick up all your hobby needs

Partizan Wargames Show 2020

Battlefront Miniatures will be attending Partizan for the third year.

Come and see us to pick up your new releases and chat to the team about what exciting projects are coming out.

Siege of Caen

Saturday, 04/25/2020

“Siege of Caen” (LW, 60-100 points)

10:00am: Sign In
10:20am: Game #1 Briefing & Assignments
10:30am – 12:00pm: Game #1
12:50pm: Game #2 Briefing & Assignments
1:00pm – 3:30pm: Game #2
3:50pm: Game #3 Briefing & Assignments
4:00pm – 6:30pm: Game #3
6:50pm: Epilogue & Prizes

$15 entry fee, due morning of
—1st Prize: Battlebox of your choosing, FoW or TY
—2nd Prize: Platoon box of your choosing
—3rd Prize: Token / Card set or book of your choosing

There is room for up to 18 players.

Fair play and good sportsmanship, as always, will be a key focus of this event, as there will potentially be several new players. Veteran players should take it upon themselves to explain what they are doing and why to their inexperienced opponents to reduce confusion, and encourage them to come to future events.

This will be an Axis vs. Allies team event, but with traditional individual pairings and results reported to Battle Rankings. Soviets may play, but may switch from Allies to Axis depending on the player split. Red v. Blue matching will be observed for each match.

The current rulebook (FW009) and most recent Lessons From the Front will be used. The following force books will be permitted:
Fortress Europe
D-Day Americans
D-Day British
D-Day Germans (including 21st Panzer)
D-Day Waffen SS (if released by event date)

Players must devise one (1) 60-point list and one (1) 100 point list. The 100 point list must include all contents from the 60 point list (including “title” command cards). Model/units may be added to platoons/companies (for instance, adding weapon upgrades or more troops to a platoon), but no model/units may be removed, and no models from the 60-point list may have titles added, removed, or changed.

There will be a narrative element to this event:

GAME #1: “Operation: Perch – Onwards, to Caen!”
60 points, 10:30am – 12:00pm
MISSION: “Rearguard,” Allies Attack

D-Day; Allied troops storm ashore and drive inland towards their strategic objectives. For the British Army, this is a poignant moment – many of the Officers and older men remember their hasty retreat from Dunkirk almost exactly four years ago.

One of the key British objectives is the strategically important city of Caen. By June 10, enough troops are in position to move out and seize this important communications and logistics hub. General Montgomery has ordered that Caen be taken in a pincer movement; at his disposal are the 50th Northumbrian Infantry Division and 7th Armored Division, and the U.S. 1st Infantry Division is advancing south along his western flank.

However, the 21st Panzer and Panzer Lehr Divisions, accompanied by the infamous 12th SS Panzer are determined that the Allies shall not have their prize…

GAME #2: “Operation: Atlantic – Panzer Meyer Counterattacks!”
100 points, 1:00pm – 3:30pm
MISSION: “Armored Fury,” Germans Attack.

After finally seizing the devastated city of Caen on July 19, the next day the Allies launch Operation: Atlantic, attempting to drive south towards the Verrières Ridge. Unwittingly, they drive directly into the jaws of four entrenched German Divisions, complete with dug-in anti-tank guns and backed up by the famous 503rd Heavy Tank Battalion.

As the Allied advance stalls, the notorious butcher Kurt “Panzer” Meyer hurls his infamous 12th SS Panzer division into a bold counterattack!

GAME #3: “Operation: Spring – Showdown on the Verrières Ridge”
100 points, 4:00pm – 6:30pm
MISSION: “Breakout,” Allies Attack.

With Caen still firmly in hand, but little further progress, the Allies are now determined to break out. On July 25th, they begin Operation: Spring – a do-or-die drive onto the firmly fortified Verrières Ridge.

The British and Canadian forces have massed just enough strength to successfully launch their attack… and get into serious trouble! Lurking Panzer and Heavy Panzer Divisions are still in the area, and ready to pounce… The Verrières Ridge will be the grave of many courageous allied soldiers, including the ill-fated Canadian Black Watch Regiment, which on this day will suffer nearly 97% casualties.

Nevertheless, with a fragile bridgehead perilously close behind and the fate of the free world in the balance, the offensive must grind on…

To register email [email protected] with your name and chosen nationality. Players able & willing to field either Axis or Allies are encouraged to announce this at registration and bring both to help ensure even red vs. blue matching.

Salute 2020

Battlefront Miniatures will be attending Salute 2020, come visit our stand to pick up the latest new releases. Speak to our design department about what projects we are working on and how models are made. Take part in our demonstration games for Flames of War and Team Yankee.