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Team Yankee Doubles: Cold Wars 2019


March 15
9:00 am - 7:00 pm




Lancaster Host Resort
2300 Lincoln Hwy E PA 17602 United States + Google Map

NoDiceNoGlory.com presents
Team Yankee Doubles:
Cold Wars 2019
55 Points per Player
Seven Days to the Rhine
Where: Lancaster Host Resort, Lancaster PA
When: Friday, March 15 . Registration starts 9:00, 9:30 In Brief
Round 1: 10:00 am to 12:15 pm
Round 2: 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm
Round 3: 4:15 pm to 6:45 pm
Awards: Winning Faction, Best General (overall and by faction), Best Team
Sportsman, Best Painted
What: Doubles with 55 points per player, linked campaign using missions
developed just for this event, extra-large tables, special rules, and the ability to
change formations (not faction) each round. Doubles partners will be assigned for
each round. Sign-ups will be by faction with space limited to have red vs blue
matchups. Loaner armies will be available.
Narrative: It’s August 1985 and the cold war just got hot. Can the Warsaw Pact
reach the Rhine River in 7 days? Or can NATO find the resolve to stop the red
hoard in its tracks?
This event will test your skills (and dice) as each round reflects where the
campaign would be on days 1, 3 and 5 in the war. Random events will infuse rules
such as the effects of chemical warfare, electronic attack, refugees clogging roads,
and the will of your nation to continue the fight.
Round one will be an all-out WP attack. Did NATO get enough warning to prepare
its forces to blunt the enemy attack? If NATO can blunt the attack in a round, they
may get to counterattack in the next round.

Factions will assemble before each round and decide how they should prosecute
the next battle. This decision will determine what special rules and events the TOs
will introduce in that round.
Players should think of having one list which is great at attacking and one list in
which they can defend better with. No matter what list you take, think of how
combined arms works. Single focus horde armies will not fare well. Once you
show up at the table with your partner, you will decide which lists you plan to use
and both sides will reveal list to one another.
Size matters. Some tables will be 6’x 8” and one will be L-shaped consisting of 3
tables. The larger the table, the more victory points that will be up for grabs.
Mobility matters!
The air rules will also be different. Your side needs to have air superiority over the
battlefield to use your fixed wing aviation. So think about if you want to include
them and how much AAA you will really need.
Remember the missions will be unique and realistic!
Special: The following rules will apply
– Each player can bring multiple 55 point armies. Only one will be used in
each round.
– Only one formation for each 55 point list.
– Only one air (fixed or rotary) can be taken as support (core formation air
unit, such as air assault units, do not count towards this. In fact this would
be the event to use them!).

Sign-Up: Email: [email protected] with the your name and what
faction you plan to run. Spaces will be limited for each side, signing up with a
friend who plays the other faction will get you priority placement Registration
ends 8 March 2019
Contact: [email protected]
TO: Mitch Reed & Thomas Mullane